About society



DFBS was originally founded in 1966 as the Yugoslav Society for Plant Physiology (JDFB). After some changes and reorganizations the current name was adopted in 2007. Society has so far organized 20 regular biannuall symposia, and a number of workshops and other meetings. Publishing was one of the major activities of the Society.


Aims of the Society


DFBS is a scientific society established with the intention  to improve the  knowledge on plant physiology. The main goals of the society are:
- to improve fundamental and applied research aimed to explain how  plants function
- to improve educational programs of plant physiology in schools and faculties
- to promote understanding how society can benefit from scientific research in plant physiology    
- to establisah and facilitate constact between members enabling exchange of data, results and ideas for scientific research



dr Jovanka MILJUŠ ĐUKIĆ, president
dr Danijela MIŠIĆ, treasurer
doc dr Aneta SABOVLJEVIĆ, member
dr Angelina SUBOTIĆ, member
doc dr Milan Borišev, member

FESPB representative - Prof. dr Ivana MAKSIMOVIĆ
IAPTB representative - dr Slavica NINKOVIĆ