The Seed Biology Paris Summer School

The Laboratory of Excellence Saclay Plant Sciences

The Seed Biology Paris Summer School

Next generation seeds : green factories and time capsules

For international PhD students and young post-docs

« The summer school aims to foster exchanges between a small group of young researchers
and top scientists from academia and private companies. These exchanges will
cover cutting-edge research and key issues in seed science. The timing and location of
the summer school have been coordinated to allow participation in ICAR 2015 which
will be held in Paris. »

Helen North, head of the Summer School organizing committee


Topics and speakers:


•Embryogenesis, epigenetic control and seed size
Lucia Colombo (University of Milan), Jean-Denis Faure (LabEx SPS), Loïc Lepiniec (LabEx
• Seed coat differentiation and secondary metabolites of commercial
George Haughn (University of British Columbia), Isabelle Debeaujon (LabEx SPS), Helen
North (LabEx SPS)
• Seed reserve accumulation : yield and quality
John Harada (University of California), Sébastien Baud (LabEx SPS), Bertrand Dubreucq
(LabEx SPS)

Desiccation and stress responses
Julia Buitink (INRA Angers), Christophe Bailly (UPMC Paris), Emmanuelle Issakidis-Bourguet
(LabEx SPS),
• Dormancy, germination and dispersal
Kathleen Donohue (Duke University), Annie Marion-Poll (LabEx SPS), Loïc Rajjou (LabEx




• Lectures by internationally recognized scientists
• Speed-meetings with industrial participants
• Poster sessions with researchers
• Social events and visits




Villa des Impressionnistes
15, quai Rennequin Sualem
78380 Bougival



How to register:

Deadline for applications :
28th of February (midnight)
Applications for the 2015 summer school
via the website :

The summer school is limited to around 18 places and
registration and accomodation costs will be free for successful
applicants. Travel costs are entirely the responsability
of participants and / or their host institution.


Sunday, 28. June 2015 to Friday, 3. July 2015